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One Night With Four CEOs

For any other journalist, interviewing the DeWitt brothers would be a dream assignment. They're gorgeous, brilliant, and filthy rich.

But I knew them before they were four of the five most powerful men under thirty living in the city.

No way they'll remember me, though. I was an ugly duckling when we were in middle school together. They were my secret crushes. My fantasies. While I was a total nobody.

I arrive at the doorstep to their penthouse apartment, intent on keeping our connection a secret. Determined to remain professional.

But the instant they let me in, the sparks begin to fly. Before I know it, the interview is abandoned, and I'm getting down and dirty with all four of them on their living room floor. 

They bring my body to heights I never imagined. It may seem like there's more than just the physical between us.

But my one night with the four CEOs is just that—one night.

Little do I know, they're looking for so much more…

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